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What is an investment bank?

Investment banks serve corporations, businesses, and institutions by providing services such as capital raising and merger and acquisition advisory. Their primary function is to act as an intermediary between investors, businesses, and corporations looking to complete a transaction.

Why do you call yourself "An Investment Bank For Everyone?"

We found that there is an underserved area of the market for middle-market companies. We are able to adequately assist with a local business but are skilled enough to negotiate multi-million dollar deals and everyone in the middle.

What's the difference between a business broker and ReVera Capital?

Business brokers tend to be high volume. They most often are cheaper but will most likely wait for the lead to come to them. ReVera Capital proudly offers a full-service approach. Every step of your transaction is covered by us. We actively market and hit the streets. We don’t wait for the leads to come to us. We hunt them down for our clients.

Can you tell me how much my business is worth?

Yes. We do offer business valuations. Please reach out to us so we can discuss the needed financial documents to give you a clear idea of how much your company may be worth!

I am not ready to sell my business, can you still help me?

Yes! We find that business owners who come to us prior to making the decision to sell are more prepared when the time comes and most often get the best price. We can begin to look at your financials, give you exit planning advice, and be your 3rd party business partner to set your business up for success!

I want to explore buying a business; what should I do first?

The first step to acquiring a business would be to choose an advisor like ReVera Capital that can partner with you and lead you in the right direction. Our process starts with getting to know you, your goals, and your financial picture. We will create a highly personalized path to finding you the right fit and start the HUNT!

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