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Need to Restructure?

There comes a time in every business’s lifespan when ownership needs to change hands. When that transfer of ownership is within the ranks of the current business we recognize that there are a lot of moving pieces.

Selling to your partners, employees, or family members can be a highly profitable and viable exit strategy especially since these individuals are working in the business every day, they understand the value of the business as well as the ins and outs of all the business details.  Our team will honestly and thoroughly look at all angles while mitigating potential risks and identifying potential opportunities for these unique transactions and all parties.

39% of Partners Do Not Know How to Begin the Process of
Restructuring the Company or Partnership

We Measure Our Success on the Lives We’ve Improved Rather Than the Profits We’ve Made.

-luke ellis, founder & CEO of revera capital

How We Do It:
It’s true: 39% of partners do not know how to begin the process of restructuring the company or partnership. Here’s how we can help.
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