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Are You Looking to Buy a Business?

ReVera Capital is your best choice for Buy-Side Advisory

ReVera Capital is one of the only firms in the country that offers Buy-Side Advisory services. From individuals looking to purchase their first company to seasoned investors looking to buy a platform or add-on, ReVera is the go-to expert for a full-service buy-side advisor.

How We Can Help

  • Acquire a thorough understanding of your existing strategy and provide insight on markets or opportunities that may be attractive targets for your company.
  • Provide a list of potential targets for your review and conduct exhaustive outreach to the candidates most interesting to your team.
  • Negotiate on your behalf to achieve favorable deal terms.
  • Continue to seek out potential acquisition targets on an ongoing basis at your request.
  • We advise the entire process from search through post-acquisition.
  • Although the search is important, we don’t care where the deal comes from; our job is to find value where others don’t.
  • What do we define as value? Actual dollars and cents.
  • We will assist with locating the debt and equity needed to get the deal done when necessary.

We’re the only Investment Bank with two guarantees

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