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Finding the perfect business to acquire is a complex process, especially if you go at it alone. You’ll want to find something successful in a thriving industry (and probably in an industry you enjoy) and with a solid foundation that you can build from. Checking off your financial, industry, and personal boxes can be challenging when you are in a sea of options. 

So, don’t do it alone. Partner with ReVera Capital to help you from step one all the way to you getting the keys to your new business. Here is our step-by-step approach to getting you the business you deserve. 

Step One: We Assess Where You Are Now

When you partner with us, we want to get into your mindset. What are your goals? Where have you already started looking? Why do you want to buy a business? What is your existing plan? All of these questions can help us better understand and help you reach your goals. 

Once we connect on your current situation and game plan, we will provide insights into the current market and opportunities you might benefit from. We will help create a plan and get you started you in the right direction to buy a successful business. 

Step Two: We Find the Businesses That Check Your Boxes

You likely have an industry that you want to invest in, and we will spend the time searching for potential businesses and conducting extensive outreach to companies that align with your needs. 

We will find businesses that match your financial needs, stability, and trajectory. The investigation behind the businesses is one of the most crucial steps to ensure you do not miss possible debts or liabilities the company is hiding. We will make sure to uncover even the slightest of gray areas, so you aren’t left picking up the pieces of the business’s past mistakes. 

Step Three: Leave the Negotiating to Us

Now, it’s time to get your dream business at a price that won’t put you in the red before even getting the keys. Negotiating on one’s own can be challenging, especially when up against a company armed with attorneys, real estate agents, and owners with a personal stake in the game. 

That’s why we negotiate on your behalf to ensure a favorable deal on your terms. We consider your financial needs and ensure that the agreement made between you and the business is in your best interest. 

Step Four: Purchase the Business and Make It Your Own

The last step, the most exciting one, is being “handed the keys” to your new business. We will ensure that the proper closing steps are taken and that you are left with a successful plan as the new business owner. 

We will continue to work by your side to find the business that you can see yourself in, and that fits your criteria. We will continue to seek out potential acquisition targets on an ongoing basis per your request, not stopping until you have bought a business you can be proud of. 

Buying a business is not a one-person job. Get help from ReVera Capital today.