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If you think running a business is complex and time-consuming, selling one is even more so. However, if you are at the stage in your business’s life that you are now looking to sell, that can be seen as an amazing milestone, so that earns significant congratulations, but to put the responsibilities of selling your company on top of everything else you already do can become extremely stressful. Not to mention that the process of selling is not as simple as just finding a buyer and signing off. To ensure your business is put into good hands while providing you with a substantial profit, you need to go about the proper steps, and yes, with the help of an investment bank. 

As you approach the idea of selling your business, hiring an investment bank should be an immediate first step. 

Why You Even Need An Investment Bank When Selling Your Business

An investment bank brings a level of experience, resources, and objectivity that you could not initially find within your business. Experience within the market and with selling businesses can help get you the perfect price and deal terms for your company. At the same time, an investment bank’s resources can shoulder some of the responsibilities so you can focus on the rest of your business. An independent, third-party look at your business can be just what you need to ensure you are not acting on biased thoughts or opinions that disguise themselves as facts. 

An investment bank can be the partner you need to make selling your business a reality and to develop a strategic plan to get you the profits and exit plan you deserve. 

What An Investment Bank Brings to the Table 

An investment bank is more than just a partner who can give you an unbiased opinion on your next moves. They provide multiple services to ensure when your business is sold, you are continuously benefiting. 

They can…

  • Identify and contact potential buyers.
  • Negotiate sales on your behalf. 
  • Work with a legal counsel to evaluate bids.
  • Determine an appropriate evaluation of your business.
  • Help prepare and market your business for sale. 
  • Conduct all the proper due diligence. 
  • And much more to ensure you are in the best position to sell your business. 

Let’s Talk About the Wrong Times to Hire an Investment Bank 

When it comes to selling your business, there are right and wrong ways to go about it, and one of the wrong ways is to reach out for an investment bank’s help too late. If you reach out too late, you will likely miss out on many of the benefits they could have brought, even going so far as to say missing out on a significant amount of money they could have brought to the sale. 

Selling your business is not a quick endeavor. It is not as simple as a few weeks or a few months of work. It could take quite some time, and if you are hoping to find the best buyer, get the most profit, and be wise to any contract errors, you do not want to partner with an investment bank too late in the process. If you have already put your business on the market, chosen a buyer, signed a contract, or handed over the keys, you have gone too far.

When You Should Hire an Investment Bank When You Sell Your Business

As your business grows and you imagine you will sell it one day, you should start hunting for a good investment bank to partner with. There is never a “too early” when it comes to partnering with an investment bank for your business’s future. Even if selling is not in the cards for the next five years, it is extremely beneficial to find an investment bank to get a better idea of what to expect and create a plan to prepare your business for when the time comes. 

You can never be too prepared, and partnering with an investment bank the moment you decide that you wish to sell, you should have your hands on your keyboard looking up investment banks that you can trust for the long term. They will be your key to a profitable and worthwhile sale. 
If you have questions or have thoughts about selling your business, contact the team at ReVera Capital.